5 Reasons Why Nude Model Photos Are Not Free

Regular model photos are free. However, nude model photos are not free. Why is this the case? We have listed 5 reasons below.
1. We should respect their bodies.
Models pose nude for several reasons. One of these reasons is to capture the beauty of the human body. Overexposure, as well as seeing these photos in degrading contexts can dehumanize the models, and make their bodies seem less respectable. Moreover, it can desensitize viewers to the sight of naked bodies, which ultimately detracts from the beauty. It is important to conceal the photos, and only allow those who will use them appropriately to see them after purchase.
2. Their bodies offer sensual fulfillment.
Another purpose of nude photos is sensual fulfillment. This provocative form of fulfillment should not be free, nor should it be public, as it is a sexual service, and there must be a cost just like any other service. Providing the service costs money, so it must be paid for by viewers. Just as many types of pornography are not free, these photos need not be free either. The models are serving entertainment purposes, and just like nearly all other types of entertainment, there is a price to pay.
3. The modeling industry is a big for-profit business.

As mentioned, it costs money to generate these nude model photos. The businesses that provide these photos must make a profit for themselves so they can continue to live, as well as fund their business. Expenses include a facility, photographer pay, the setup, props, advertisement, model pay and likely website development or maintenance. In order to fund these operations, the business owners must charge viewers to enjoy the benefits of them.
4. The models must be paid.
That’s correct; the models must be paid as well. Modelling requires many innate talents, as well as learned skills.

They require a special pay, and it usually is not inexpensive. Plus, modelling nude requires a particular boldness that likely comes with an additional price tag. These models must also be paid for their acceptance of whatever fame, either positive or negative, that results from the viewing of these photographs.
5. It would enable under-aged people to see them more easily.
Finally, the last reason why nude model photos are not free is that the inevitable publicity that would come with them being free would enable under-aged individuals to view them more easily.

If the photos were free, they would likely appear more frequently on numerous websites like imageweb. A simple online search might also link the browser to these photos. The content of these photographs is intended for mature audiences. Furthermore, the parents of these under-aged individuals might heavily oppose them viewing these photos.

As seen, there are many different reasons why nude model photos are not free. We should respect their bodies, the photos provide a sexual service, individuals involved in the industry must make a profit, the models must be paid, and them being free would enable under-aged individuals to view them more easily. These topics are not concerns for clothed model photos.…

Why black gay porn movies are not free

While gay movies have been with us from time immemorial, it is only recently that the black gay porn movies have made it onto this exquisite movie scene.

As it were, expectations were so high and whether these movies have made valid attempts to meet these expectations is a matter of personal judgment. As it were, many porn movies out there are free but when it comes to black porn movies, the case is a little different. The question therefore is, why aren’t black gay movies free? Well, here is why.
New Entrants Onto The Scene
For a long time, we had been used so white gay movies as issues of gay were simply considered a taboo in many black societies, let alone putting it in a movie. When members of the black community began acting these movies, there was undoubtedly some heightened curiosity as many felt they should break away from the conventional white stuff and see what it is the blacks brought to the table. This curiosity came with a high demand for these movies and the demand consequently led to their commercialization.
New Tricks to Learn
There is always something new to learn when we talk about black movies and gay porn is no exception. After having mastered all the moves from gay movies produced by members of the other races [which needless to mention were utterly boring and predictable], it was perhaps the right time to try out what the blacks had that was possibly never heard of. True to form, the movies never disappointed as they came with so many tricks to pick. This mere fact caused high interest in the movies and was also a valid reason for their heightened demand which logically lead to their not being free.
Also Regulated By The Film Authorities
All movies [gay movies included] are regulated by relevant film authorities and there is really no reason why black gay porn movies would be an exception. It all starts with their acceptance into the mainstream gay filming and this alone shows they are part of the global film fraternity. Among some of the functions of these regulatory bodies included commercialization of the films. Therefore, this commercialization is part of the elaborate regulations enforced by the relevant film authorities so the fact that the movies are not free should simply come naturally.
We’re All In It For The Money
Now let’s face it – it takes great audacity, courage and willpower to act gay movies and we simply have to thank the blacks for pulling it through. We can thank them by watching their movies and giving them incredible reviews, we can even appreciate them by publicly endorsing and recommending them to our fellow friends but in order to show true appreciation for this great effort, we simply have to attach some monetary value to their gay movies. Therefore, it would be obnoxious to expect such great efforts to go unrewarded and how best to reward them other than through attaching monetary value to them?

Black gay movies are not free and if the reasons discussed above are anything to go by, then they will not be free in a long time. It is therefore probably about time you grabbed one of your favorites!…