Why hottest pornstars pics should be free since 2008

Porn is loved by all, I mean everyone loves the pleasure received. The porn industry is one of the most popular industries in the whole world. Porn can be in either video format or simply images in magazines or even pornstar pics at www.mypornstarbook.net. The next question that arises is, “Why people don’t pay for it even when they love it?”
1) The Obvious Answer

The answer to this question is quite simple, it is available in enormous amount free of cost. Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone wants to save a penny or two for things they can get for free, even though the quality of premium porn stars pics is way much better than the free one. Today’s world will openly spend hundred of dollars on a dinner but won’t spend even a single dime for online content.
2) The Piracy Issue

Piracy is present in each field be it music, movies or the most famous porn industry. This piracy provides high quality paid porn in very cheap prices to other websites and then these websites provide them on their domain in return earn from advertisements which offer high prices for higher traffic produced on the website. Brazzers, Naughty America, Bang Bros are some of the highly affected websites due to piracy and the profits are highly reduced.
3) Easy To Access

The free porn that people prefer the most is actually quite easy to access, just type the website and search for your desired category based on the mood. While for the premium porn you need to first login to your account using your credentials which might be a turn off for some people.
4) Many Strings Attached

The premium porn can be availed only when you pay online and the payment will definitely be reflected in your bank account statement which might get some people especially teenagers in trouble. The Premium porn leaves lots of footprints because you actually have an account on the website with your name and they have your card details. Secondly, free pornstars has no strings attached and the moment you click the cross button, you get off the grid and the chances of you getting caught by another family member reduce to zero. People prefer to simply open the incognito window and get their job done instead of attaching unnecessary strings.
Free porn is a great attraction and quite easily accessible as well but we need to give a minute and think about what effect does this have on the industry, on the lives of porn stars, on the lives of all the people involved in producing that porn stars. There is no doubt the industry is the most famous one but it is facing critical payment issues due to these leak holes in form of privacy. The consumer of free pornstars have their own reasons, some might not consider porn as important that they start paying for it. The world is full of different individuals and each one has a different way of thinking, so we can’t alter everyone’s mind but we can start with ourselves helping the porn stars to get what they deserve. Downloading free porn is way too easy, but there are a huge number of people behind it.